Welcome to my portfolio. I'm a web-designer with 5-6 years experience. Scroll down to see my work.


Welcome to my portfolio. I'm a web-designer with a passion for a pixel-perfect finish for all my stuff. The pieces you see below represent a sample of my work over the last 5-6 years. I hope you enjoy the work I've presented here. Cheers!

Injection Photography Engine Concept design for a photo gallery web app Iíve been working on. Click on the image for details. 2007
Magnus Design Template The two pages were designed in part for a conceptual web-design template for the CEO of The Skins Factory. Images © Copyright 2007 Jeffrey Schader. All Rights Reserved. 2006
Nothin' But Networks Some ice-cold frosted glass for the communications company. 2005
Rifidi Logo and site design for the RFID software application. 2006
RFID Review The ultimate RFID tech site, designed also for Pramari, Inc. 2006
ThemeParkCritic Design for the theme park review site. 2004
New Crayon Games Logo design for a game company out of Saint Louis. These guys create some nice casual games for all ages. 2005
Washington State Constitutional Law Society web design & direction. 2005
Artica Design Studios Complete mini-site concept design for the design firm and web portal, Artica. 2003
EPI Sports Logo and site for a site that manages track-meets. 2005
iPod Nano Concept This was a concept design for a future flash-based music player that I made for a contest nearly a year before Apple announced the real iPod nano. The fact that they chose the same name as me is a complete coincidence. 2006
The iPod name and logo are © Apple, Inc
Onyx Design for the engineering firm. 2003
John Walden Consulting Mock-up for a computer consultant. 2007
The Half-Life Saga Story Guide I wrote and designed this guide outlining the story of the Half-Life games. Over 2 million visitors and counting. 2006
WebCode Logo for a web-developer. 2005
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